All tickets are will-call. You must bring ID that matches your ticket purchase. If the tickets are for someone else, make sure you enter their name in the "ticketholder names" field when placing your order.

Events are listed backwards (newest at top)
08/14/17 - Houston, TX: Thundertank, Brain Dead (CA), Railgun (CA), Virulent (link)
04/16/17 - Houston, TX: Brandon Bowers (art exhibit) and Sawblade at the Total Blasphemy Group Show (link)
07/02/16 - Houston, TX: SAWBLADE 10th Anniversary Bash w/ INSECT WARFARE! (link)
07/07/16 - Houston, TX: V1LLA1N at Walter's (link)
06/21/16 - Houston, TX: Chew, Alaric, False Punk, Krvshr, Funboy (link)
6/17-19/16 - Houston, TX: Sawblade table at Comicpalooza
06/05/16 - Houston, TX: SAWBLADE at Montrose Print Market (art exhibit) (link)
06/02/16 - Houston, TX: Holy Grail, Savage Master, Hel-razor, Thundertank(link)
04/09/16 - Houston, TX: SAWBLADE at Sticky Fingers (art exhibit) (link)
11/21/15 - Houston, TX: Excruciating Terror, Cryptic Void, Vulva Essers, C.G.M., Mindboil, D.D.A. (link)
10/24/15 - Houston, TX: SAWBLADE at Monster Show 9 (art exhibit) (link)
10/17/15 - Austin, TX: Evil Army, Ass, Birth A.D., Hiss (link)
10/16/15 - Houston, TX: Evil Army, Ass, El Desmadre, Peasant, God Fearing Fuck, Saint Crusher(link)
10/15/15 - Dallas, TX: Evil Army, Ass, Embalmed (link)
9/20/15 - Houston, TX: Savage Bootlegs Premiere Party (free) (link)
8/15/15 - Houston, TX: SAWBLADE at the Stay Tooned Art Show (link)
2/26/15 - Houston, TX: Free Bad Ass Weekend Pre-show (link)
12/3/14 - Houston, TX: Street Sects, Timeghost, Hex Cult, Future Blondes, Copwarmth, PLXTX, Stress33 (link)
12/2/14 - Houston, TX: High Spirits, Oath of Cruelty, Hel-razor, Termination Force (link)
11/27/14 - Houston, TX: Thanksgiving for the Disenfranchised (link)
11/17/14 - Houston, TX: Weaponizer, Landfill, Mindboil, Malevolent Force, Leather Daddies (link)
9/13/14 - Houston, TX: Ass, Mymanmike, Satannabis, Teeth Grinder (link)
7/26/14 - Houston, TX: Ass, Weak Link, Alimañas, Stress33, Licker (link)
3/22/14 - Houston, TX: Evil Army, Oath of Cruelty, Hel-Razor, Peasant, Malevolent Force (link)
1/11/14 - Houston, TX: $1 show! Ass, Haggz, Forced Fem, ComeXclean, Chipped Teeth (link)
1/28/13 - Houston, TX: Smoking Spore, Lark's Tongue, Illegal Wiretaps at Super Happy Fun Land.
7/28/12 - Canton, OH: Smoking Spore at Buzzbin.
7/27/12 - Rochester, NY: Smoking Spore, Shonen Knife, White Mystery at the Bug Jar (Fuzz Festival).
7/26/12 - Cleveland, OH: Smoking Spore at Pat's in the Flats.
7/25/12 - Detroit, MI: Smoking Spore at the Berkley Front.
7/24/12 - Chicago, IL: Smoking Spore, Dark Fog, The Red Plastic Buddha at the Empty Bottle.
7/22/12 - Nashville, TN: Smoking Spore, Across Tundras, Hellbender at Springwater.
7/21/12 - Little Rock, AR: Smoking Spore, Weedbeast at Vino's.
11/12/10 - Huntsville, TX: Smoking Spore at Lizard's.
11/11/10 - Pascagoula, MS: Smoking Spore at the Celtic.
11/10/10 - Birmingham, AL: Smoking Spore at the Nick.
11/9/10 - Atlanta, GA: Smoking Spore at Eyedrum.
11/8/10 - Greenbrier, TN: Smoking Spore at Loudhouse.
11/7/10 - Pensacola, FL: Smoking Spore at the Handlebar.
11/6/2010 - Lafayette, LA: Smoking Spore at Pilot's Pub.
11/5/2010 - Houston, TX: Smoking Spore at Bohemeo's.
8/7/10 - Houston, TX: Brandon Bowers (art exhibit only) at White Linen Night.
4/21/09 - Houston, TX: Brandon Bowers (art exhibit) at Discovery Green.