Brandon Bowers specializes in tracking on-location in temporary spaces and sometimes at live shows. He mixes albums at the House of Eyes and is the producer of the Youtube series Savage Bootlegs. Here's an excerpt from a review of one of his live recordings (GFF: Ground Zero):

"Ridiculously amazing sounding live recording from these Houston metal-punks." - Maximum Rocknroll

He has recorded for various bands and labels since 1999, and much of his work has been featured in MRR, Decibel, and Vice.

Here's a partial discography:

-Active Shooter/Shitstormtrooper - untitled 2018 split
-Tantalum - untitled 2018 project
-ImposterBoys - untitled 2018 project
-Hel-Razor - untitled 2018 project
-Sparse - untitled 2018 project
-God Fearing Fuck. - untitled 2018 project
-Thy Feeble Savior - And Darkness Fell; recording/mixing/mastering
-Thundertank - Goatsmoker; recording/mixing/mastering
-Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate - 3-way split; recording/mixing/mastering
-Substance - The Fight for Identity; recording/mixing/mastering
-Spastic Dramatics - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-Crawler - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-Active Shooter - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-D.D.A. - Yuppicide; recording/mixing/mastering
-God Fearing Fuck - Blood Royale split; recording and mixing
-Ullatec - III; mixing and mastering
-Fuck With Fire - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-Sculpting Atrocity - Omnipresence; mixing and mastering
-Hiss - Demo; mastering only
-Thundertank - Let us Thrash in the Darkness of Hell; recording/mixing/mastering
-God Fearing Fuck - Wasteland Hymns; recording/mixing/mastering
-Ullatec - II; mixing and mastering
-D.D.A. - Filth; recording/mixing/mastering
-Cryptic Void- Wasteland; recording/mixing/mastering
-God Fearing Fuck - Ground Zero: Live at Walter's; recording/mixing/mastering
-Savage Bootlegs - Season 1; recording/mixing/mastering on all live performances
-Turbokrieg - Nasa Approved Ultracore; recording/mixing on three live tracks; mastering on whole album
-Peasant - Imprisoned at Birth (B-side only); live recording, mixing, mastering
-Alimañas - Ruido de Combate; recording, mixing, mastering
-Hel-Razor - Living Death; recording, mixing, mastering
-Made in Vain - Lies in Ruin; recording, mixing, mastering
-Smoking Spore - Conversations in D-Minor ; recording, mixing, mastering

Savage Bootlegs is a Youtube series documenting bands in punk, thrash, grindcore, death metal, black metal, sludge, crust, drone, noise, and more. An episode guide for Season One is below. Stay tuned for Season Two.


10/05/15 - NEKROFILTH
10/12/15 - WARHOUNDS
10/26/15 - STRESS33
11/09/15 - SATANNABIS
11/16/15 - DETHRONE
11/23/15 - WEAPONIZER
11/30/15 - EVIL ARMY