Audio Engineering at the House of Eyes

The House of Eyes is, first and foremost, a mixing studio with a mobile recording setup. The way we record is unique, and you can read about it in the FAQ’s below. Here's the first sentence from a review of one of the live recordings we did (God Fearing Fuck - Ground Zero):

"Ridiculously amazing sounding live recording from these Houston metal-punks."
    - Maximum Rocknroll

Brandon has recorded and mixed a bunch of demos for bands since 1999, but here are some highlights from recent years:

-Hel-Razor - untitled 2017 project
-Sparse - untitled 2017 project
-Active Shooter - untitled 2017 project
-D.D.A. - untitled 2017 project
-God Fearing Fuck. - untitled 2017 project
-Thundertank - untitled 2017 project
-Sculpting Atrocity - untitled 2017 project
-Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate - untitled 2017 project
-ImposterBoys - untitled 2017 project
-Thy Feeble Savior - And Darkness Fell (Hell's Headbangers); recording/mixing/mastering
-Substance - The Fight for Identity; recording/mixing/mastering
-Spastic Dramatics - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-Crawler - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-God Fearing Fuck - Blood Royale split; recording and mixing
-Fuck With Fire - S/T; recording/mixing/mastering
-Hiss - Demo; mastering only
-Thundertank - Let us Thrash in the Darkness of Hell; recording/mixing/mastering
-God Fearing Fuck - Wasteland Hymns; recording/mixing/mastering
-Ullatec - II; mixing and mastering
-D.D.A. - Filth; recording/mixing/mastering
-Cryptic Void- Wasteland; recording/mixing/mastering
-God Fearing Fuck - Ground Zero: Live at Walter's; recording/mixing/mastering
-Savage Bootlegs - Season 1; recording/mixing/mastering on all live performances
-Turbokrieg - Nasa Approved Ultracore; recording/mixing on three live tracks; mastering on whole album
-Peasant - Imprisoned at Birth (B-side only); live recording, mixing, mastering
-Alimañas - Ruido de Combate; recording, mixing, mastering
-Hel-Razor - Living Death; recording, mixing, mastering
-Made in Vain - Lies in Ruin; recording, mixing, mastering
-Smoking Spore - Conversations in D-Minor ; recording, mixing, mastering


How do your live recordings work? Our live recordings are not board recordings. No equalizer or level components of the live mix are preserved. Each individual board channel is snaked out to our preamps directly so that each instrument is recorded into Pro Tools on its own track. These tracks are later mixed and mastered in Brandon’s mixing studio at the House of Eyes.

How do your studio-quality recordings with overdubs and shit work?
We bring a Pro Tools rig to a location that meets the needs of the session and set up a temporary studio in that space. Brandon has recorded in trailers, houses, garages, rehearsal spaces, venue spaces, and even a chapel. Modifications may be made to reduce standing wave issues in the space, but for the most part this is a comfortable alternative to tracking in the same boring studio room every time. It makes each album sound unique.

What kind of mics and preamps do you use? The same as most studios, but with a preference for workhorse reliability in constantly changing environments. The preamps are class-A units, but are a little more compact for travel than in most studios. For more information, contact us via email.

Why digital? Digital tracking is the only way to stay completely portable. Taking a big Studer reel-to-reel around to track in more experimental locations wouldn’t be very practical.

Will you mix and master tracks that were recorded elsewhere?
Yes. Brandon does prefer to have his ears on all stages of production, but will occasionally mix tracks that were recorded elsewhere.

Will you work on recordings that aren’t in punk or metal genres? Yes. We listen to music in many genres and have recorded a lot of weird shit.